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Delicate flesh fish (turbot, sole, John Dory), crustaceans (langoustines, spider crab), ccallops

Completer wines typically have complex aromas of quince, ripe apple, plum and honey. The mouth is dry with a voluptuous structure, very high natural acidity and a tendency towards mild oxidation.

About the grape variety

An old grape variety from Graubünden (Switzerland) where it was mentioned as early as 1321 in Malans near Chur, Completer takes its name from completorium, the evening service of the Benedictine monks who were then authorised to drink a glass of it in silence. Modern research shows that it survived in Valais under the erroneous names of "Kleine Lafnetscha" and "Grosse Lafnetscha". Note that Lafnetscha, another rarity from Upper Valais, is the offspring of Humagne Blanche and Completer.

Completer is a late variety that benefits from the foehn winds. It produces powerful and rich wines, whose considerable natural acidity offers great aging potential. It had almost disappeared in the 1960s, but today rare Completer vineyards remain in Switzerland, mainly in Graubünden, but also in Zurich and more recently in Valais.

Distribution of grape varieties

Completer is grown in several wine regions

German-speaking Switzerland
Switzerland. Naturally.