Grape variety White

White-flesh fish
Slightly spicy dishes

Associated names: IRAC 2060

Divona gives structured wines, with aromas of exotic fruits, citrus fruits and, sometimes, floral and mineral notes.

About the grape variety

Created from the union of Bronner (German grape variety) and Gamaret, the white Divona grape variety is the fruit of 20 years of patient and meticulous selection carried out by Agroscope. "Divona benefits from very good oenological potential and a resistance to grey rot thanks to Gamaret. The Bronner grape variety strongly protects it against mildew and powdery mildew (diseases caused by fungi)", states Agroscope.

IRAC 2060,the early codename for Divona, was selected from thousands of applicants based on criteria relating to both the vine and the wine: disease resistance, climate adaptation, production capacity and sugar content. This new grape variety has the same parents as Divico – the big red brother of Divona – which is already experiencing a promising development in Geneva: the canton has 36% of the planted surface area in Switzerland.

Distribution of grape varieties

Divona is grown in several wine regions

Three Lakes
German-speaking Switzerland
Switzerland. Naturally.