Humagne Rouge

Grape variety Red

Red or white meats, wild game
Vegetable tian
Desserts based on red or black fruits

Associated names: Broblanc (Aosta Valley), Cornalino, Cornalin Val d'Aoste

Humagne Rouge gives colourful, fruity and juicy wines, with silky tannins and a positive bitterness with aromas of violet, dried vine leaf, elderberry, smoke.

About the grape variety

Unrelated to Humagne Blanc, this variety introduced towards the end of the 19th century in Valais (Switzerland) from the Aosta Valley (I) has been confused since the 1970s with Petit Rouge d'Aoste, until enzymatic and genetic tests identified it in 1999 with Cornalin d'Aoste, from which Rouge du Pays had borrowed the name in 1972. It is in fact the result of a natural cross that took place in the Aosta Valley between Rouge du Pays and an unknown grape variety. In Switzerland, Humagne Rouge is grown almost exclusively in Valais.

Distribution of grape varieties

Humagne Rouge is grown in several wine regions

Switzerland. Naturally.